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5 playlists to follow on Spotify to feel in a good mood

I want to share today 5 playlists I follow and hear on Spotify to feel in a good mood.

You know that sometimes we feel down and a simple song can lift up our feelings, from the moment we hear the song we just forget everything and start to feel good.

It happens with me and might have happened with you some time.

If you are feeling down here are 5 playlist I like to hear to lift up my mood. I hope you like them.

1. Relax and Unwind

This playlist is great and very popular, I discovered it through Spotify recommendations and after I listened I follow because I didn’t want to lost it. Highly recommended.

2. Infinite Acoustic

This playlist have excellent acoustic musics to get rid of any lonely feeling, just listen to it with a nice cup of tea and enjoy your moment.

3. Feeling Acoustically Good

As the name suggests, this playlist is there to make you feel good, the selected musics are acoustic and I love them all.

4. Lost in the woods

This is a relaxing playlist, excellent to hear in the evening by the way, I like to hear while I am cooking or browsing Pinterest for some ideas.

5. Folk Pop

I love this playlist, almost all musics are from female singers, and it will also help your tô relax and get staff done, I like to play it when I need to organise things in my desk or even in my computer.

Do you follow any other playlist on Spotify which you like a lot?

Share it with me, I would love to hear that.

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    22nd May 2017 at 12:47 am

    Just needed that. I’m a Spotify person and also like the acoustic mood.

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